A Make Over on Mother’s Day

Its Mother’s day and I just thought to have a blog make over would be a nice gift for me on this day. Nope, not in this blog though but in my Mary Anne’s Musings account. It has been weeks already that I have thought of this and at last I made up my mind with whom to inquire of and which lay out that I think it would suit to my taste.

And I have to send my gratitude to Femikey for doing my blog make over last night my time, I already choose the lay out from her blog so it was not that hard for her to figure out, we just edited some things like my signature, since I really don’t know how to make one and the link for my post. I added a scroll bar for my blog list and the labels and edited the navigation bar so my link to my other account would be visible.

So if you want to have a blog make over, just go to her page and contact her with what you would like to do with your site, I’ll tell you, with a beautiful and affordable lay out, you will never regret.

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