Shrek 4 The Forever After

I and the kids just watched the Shrek 4 and as usual just like before, we had so much fun especially that we watched it on 3D. I’ll be posting our experience about it on my other blog, for the meantime let me share to you the synopsis of the movie.

Shrek was tired from being a plain husband and a father; he missed his old life being a scary ogre. It was his children’s birthday party that he blew it off, he was exhausted and be alone for once. It was then he met the elf Rumpelstiltskin who wanted the palace and the wealth of Fiona’s parents. He offered Shrek a 24 hours of being free from everything, he promised him to be a feared and to strike people with terror only then he found out that Rumpelstiltskin wanted him to be gone forever so he could rule the palace.

Synopsis here:

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