Tuesday Couch Potatoes # 1 Music and Lyrics

This is my first time to join the TCP, I already had thought to join this one before because I am such a movie goer, well actually my whole family loves watching a movie, it could be drama, suspense, thriller, love story and all that and sometimes we got too carried away, we cried with the story and laugh our butt when it is a comedy.
The theme today is all about Hugh Grant and the latest movie I have seen from him was the Music and Lyrics.
Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) used to be a famous popstar during early 90’s but later on his group was disbanded and he was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, the mainstream pop singer asked him to write her a song entitled “Way back into Love’ and he had just days to finish it. Unfortunately he got blank whenever he tried to write a single line of the song until he met Sophie (Drew Barrymore) who is a former writing student who came to Alex Fletcher to water his plants, while him and the hired lyricist tried to come up with words, Sophie would add up some words to the lyrics while she water his plants. Later he convinced her to write the lyrics with him while their love started to bloom as they tried to finish it. But when Alex submitted the lyrics to Cora, she adds a sexy danceable Indian theme that Sophie deliberately disagree with it, she wanted to tell it to Cora to remove it but that would not help Alex to be in the business again.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Couch Potatoes # 1 Music and Lyrics”

  1. Mama Ko says:

    yay sikat ang music and lyrics. This is one of my pick aside from notting hill. I love the song nakakainlove diba?

    Mine is right here http://www.sheaky.com/2010/05/tcp-nine-months.html

  2. simply kim says:

    i think everybody loves this film, especially the theme song. nice pick! happy TCP!

  3. anne says:

    Hi Mama Ko, for quiet sometimes I always hummed the song in my head hehehe

  4. anne says:

    Hi simply Kim, I guess Music and Lyrics hit the chart board, nakakainlove kasi eh

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