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Dentist Appointment and the Inaugural Speech

After the many promises of sending her to the Dentist, I finally made it up today. Due to her busy schedule, we always ran out of time. Good thing that she only has Kumon now and not swimming and since it is holiday today, I immediately accompanied her to our Dentist.

At first, Mj was really scared and taken aback although she has been begging me to see our dentist but when she learned that the tooth has to be extracted, she went behind me and was afraid but when I told her she will get an ice cream, although she was trembling, she agreed with me.

Sigh, I was not able to watch the inauguration of our new President. Thank GOD we have You tube that could let us watch the whole program, even it is not live anymore. So if you were not able to hear the speech and the whole inaugural program of our new President today, just try to check it on you tube or simply watch it here.

TCP # 4 : The Moon

Whew! It took me hours to locate the title of this movie I saw few months ago. Don’t get me wrong, I watched this movie, it was just the title slip away but even so I could still remember the whole story of it.

Sam Bell has a contract a three year contract with Lunar Industries. He is the only employee based at their lunar station which is the moon, his job is to harvest periodically rocket back to the supplies of helium-3, to the earth. Helium used as electricity and a fuel on Earth. Although there is no direct communication link available between the lunar station and Earth, Sam Bell could only communicate with Gerty, a robot that keeps his company while he stayed there. It has been almost three years and he is able to go home in two weeks, it would be his last harvest for helium when he encountered an accident.

It has been awhile; he lied in his truck and was lucky that someone has found him there unconscious. When he woke up, he found out that the one who saved him is totally look like him. The two Sams were confused, they thought of whom is real and who is not. They bluntly said that they were not the clone. They asked Gerty the robot about it, that can’t tell them what’s going on, the one want to go home but he feels like he will die in due time. Later, they agreed to find out the truth, they both work hard what was happening then, they must report it to the government but how could they do that when the communication to the Earth has been blocked. They convinced Gerty to help them, Gerty told them to reprogram him when they finish their mission to escape.

The whole synopsis is here.

It is a very nice movie indeed, although he is the only one who does all the part in the movie but it was excellent. I would recommend this to you all to watch it; I am sure you would cry and thrilled of the movie.

Blue Monday # 1 : Paradise Beach Resort

This is my first time to join the blue Monday Meme; blue is my ever favorite color so I guess I have to stick with it. One more thing, since it is my favorite, it is easy for me to capture some blue around me.

This is Paradise Resort, and this is one of the beach resorts here in our place and I miss it so much, my last visit to this resort was before I resigned from work. No matter how I love to go there with the kids, I just can’t since the place is too far away from where we reside, other than that, we have to take a speed boat for us to get there. I hope I and the kids could go there to have some splash and to at least give our time a break out from our busy schedule.

Fun and play during summer

My eldest daughter continued her training in swimming at Blue Marlin Club after I asked her if she want to pursue it or not, I was having doubts at first because aside from swimming, she has a two subjects in Kumon she needs to attain to everyday plus the class has been started this month. We have a deal though, that if she cannot cope up her studies, we really have to drop her swimming out, when she agreed with the verdict, she was extremely happy to pursue her training.
Yesterday, she blurted news that she was fast with the freestyle when the coach tried their speed. She said she was able to catch one of her team mates, and was the first one to arrive at the other end.
The pictures below were the fun and play after their lessons last summer, right now they are practicing the butterfly strokes. Mj said it is the most difficult strokes she had encounter because she keeps on catching her breath. You have to pull over your chest while doing the dolphin kick, she needs extra energy for doing it and the powerade or gatorade is the answer.