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Tuesday Couch Potatoes # 2 : Aladdin

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I could not think of a movie that starts with a letter A except for the movie cartoon Aladdin, I hope, that still counts.
I was only high school at that time, when I fell in love with this fantasy movie and I guess since it has a series in Disney Channel, my two daughters love it so much as well.
Aladdin is a poor urchin who lives in a busy town with his ever loyal monkey Abu. One day, when Princess Jasmine got so bored in the palace, she sneak out and went to the market. She then met Aladdin who fell in love with her right away. But how could he win the heart of the Princess while he is not even a prince. As he was the only one could enter the cave of wonders, he tried to go there and retrieve a magical lamp. Fortunately he got friend with the Genie and wishes for him to become a prince. But evil Jafar, the sultan’s advisor discovers about the magic lamp and steal it from Aladdin. The sultan and Princess Jasmine became his slaves, and it is in Aladdin’s hand to rescue his princess and her father but without the magic lamp and the genie, how could he save them?
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That Allergy Strikes Again

Mj has eczema and it was my husband who found it out. He immediately told me we have to buy a medicine for it. After the medication, we just let her use a Cetaphil Lotion regularly, and now it is totally goodbye eczema anymore. Just these past few days my sister told me that Faith has something in her legs the same as what Mj had before, I was sure then that it is the allergy again.
I told my husband about and he recommended the lotion. Faith has a sensitive baby skin yet, we don’t want any product to damage her skin. When I applied the lotion to her, I think it was effective because it dried up and she is not scratching the area that has the allergy anymore.