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Girl’s Talk : Shower Loot

We were hurrying this morning when I realized that it’s Girl’s Talk today and the theme is all about our what’s in our shower looty.So I did a quick snap shot of my shower loot before I went out from our bathroom thus I have something to write for the Girl’s Talk Meme. Good thing we were not late today, Mj was even a little bit early than the rest, and all of them were so excited of their practice for their graduation.
Anyway, here’s my entry for today:

Anyway, the violet bottle is a Sunsilk, it supposed to be a Head and Shoulder but they had a free hair wash and a free hair blower if you buy Sunsilk so I tried, hehehe. The Pink one is the Eskulin shampoo for Faith and Mj, then I have Creamsilk over there, the Lactacyd Toddlertubs Bubbles for Faith, Ponds, and a soap. The smallest bottle is a Lactacyd Femine Wash.

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