Archive for June 20th, 2010

Movie Marathon

I’d been waiting for the movie of KC and Gabby Concepcion and so when it is shown this week, I promised myself to watch it with my kids. It was supposed to be yesterday but we ran out of time so we headed to the swimming class of Mj after we bought some stuff for her and Mariel.

Today, since Mariel was home at her Aunt, Mj and I planned to watch “Ill be there” for real now right after church. When we were inside the movie, my niece messaged me that they will follow us, she was with my cousin. Actually, there were three movies I really love to watch this week, there’s Toy Story, I’ll be there and Karate Kid. So when we finish watching the “I’ll be there” we decided to hit the “Karate Kid” movie. Right after we bought Faith’s some new clothes and after we ate dinner, we bought a ticket for “Karate Kid”

It has been a very tough day, but we enjoyed it a lot. Happy Sunday everyone!

Successful Baptismal Party

When I was still pregnant with Faith, I thought to have a baby shower with some friends but the expense that I would incur stop me. I thought that it would be more practical if we spend the money to buy her some clothes, if I pursue the plan to have a baby shower that time, I could have a free baby shower invitations since my sister’s business is printing invitations and stuff. Anyway, my baby’s baptismal was a success the invitation was well-made, and the foods were great, importantly my husband was there to celebrate it with us. So I guess to turn down the plan in having a baby shower was all worth it because we had a blast when we celebrate her baptismal few years back. And I have to thank all my friends, my family and guests for that.