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Her Crib Was Given Away

First was the baby cradle to my dearest friend and now her crib, as it has been awhile that Faith was not sleeping on it, so I thought to give it away. It was not in its perfect shape at all but I guess it would still serve its best. Just recently the baby that I have given the crib for, will going to have an operation on his legs. His aunt who is my friend noticed that her nephew has a hard time walking and when he does, he seems in pain. So she told it to her father since the parents ignored the bruise and said that it will just fade away.

When the father who is the grand father of the baby already scolded the parents and persist them to send the baby to the doctor, they found out that the bruise and the swelling were something that it has to be operated, it has pus inside that if they will not take it out, it would lead to more infections. Now, the baby is taking yet antibiotic so the swelling would subside and so she will not feel that much pain during the operation.

Since he is an out patient operation, I hope that the crib could help him rest for a while when they get home. Faith has a lot of memories of the crib when she was yet a baby, it has been her comforting place because she can do a lot of things there while she was inside and we were so busy. She even have her peek a boo moment there with her stuff toys; ah time really flies so fast because it seems like it was only yesterday.