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Settled and Now Sleeping

Even how exhausted I was taking good care of Faith while my eldest daughter was doing her stroke, I still find my little girl so cute and lovable, though she was so hyper today. There were times I lose my temper but when it would about to happen, I’ll make sure to be calm and will just understand how terrible two sometimes get worst. Today, I let her roam around the mall without holding her while waiting for her Ate Mj and let her walked back and forth at the stairs in the swimming venue right after Kumon.
I told Mj to take a nap at one of the cottage there since we were 3 hours early then, so at least she could rest before they will go training. I hoped to put Faith sleep but she never did, for her not to get sleep, she would poke my nose, my eyes, my mouth everything she could reach out in my face while I tried to carry her for her to sleep so later on I gave up and put her down. She began climbing the stairs or goes down from the stairs several times; she would come inside the cottage at times to kiss me and would say how much she loves me. Of course, I gave her what she wants and that is to let her walk and see around but one thing she did that I really thought that I have to carry her again in my arms was when she was starting to go to the sides of the pool. She squirmed and protested so hard thus I brought her to the mall and bought her swim wears of course with me around I have to bought for myself as well.
At the mall, she was drooping real hard that she slept in my shoulder no matter how hard and how uncomfortable it was. I didn’t try to put her swim wear on as we just estimated her size, since I can’t put her down, I also just told the in charge what kind of swim wear I want and the size too. When we arrived at the venue, she woke up; maybe she knows I already bought her suites for us to soak in the kiddie pool.
Right now, I didn’t have a hard time putting her to sleep anymore because she was the one who told me already that she needs to lie down, that means I have to lie in bed beside her so she could sleep. It was so relieving, a while ago she was so settled watching her new DORA DVD in the TV while Mj was reading her Kumon English story book and Science and I was busy preparing our dinner.