Dentist Appointment and the Inaugural Speech

After the many promises of sending her to the Dentist, I finally made it up today. Due to her busy schedule, we always ran out of time. Good thing that she only has Kumon now and not swimming and since it is holiday today, I immediately accompanied her to our Dentist.

At first, Mj was really scared and taken aback although she has been begging me to see our dentist but when she learned that the tooth has to be extracted, she went behind me and was afraid but when I told her she will get an ice cream, although she was trembling, she agreed with me.

Sigh, I was not able to watch the inauguration of our new President. Thank GOD we have You tube that could let us watch the whole program, even it is not live anymore. So if you were not able to hear the speech and the whole inaugural program of our new President today, just try to check it on you tube or simply watch it here.

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