Good Friends

A message arrived to me one day; it was a thank you message from a friend. The message was very touchy and so revealing. Sometimes, it is true that you can depend to those people who are not related to you than of your family whom you saw first on the day you were born. It hurts me so much before, but later on I get used to it, maybe there are people who are just so insensitive of your needs. I was thankful that I have my teacher and friends with me who were always there when I need someone to talk to and someone I could depend on when my funds are not enough for my fare and projects in school. And so thankful that GOD did not forsake me when the storms in life hit me and almost defeated me, he always lift me up when I feel so down and so neglected.

So when you feel like the world is tumbling down on you, just never lose hope because GOD will always make a way even if you think that it is hard and so impossible to make a solution out of your burdens, if you just have to trust him, he would always send an instrument for you to make it through.

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