My Very Busy Day

I miss wearing my favorite footwear but who would like to wear boots with this dreading hot outside? I guess no one, right now I am wearing a stylish flip flops so it would be easy and comfortable for me to walk especially when we have to drop by at the grocery wholesaler store for my mini store to be open on Tuesday. Good thing I have my nephew and my daughter with me so it is less difficult for me to go around looking for stocks because they are the one who pushes the cart or falling in line ahead at the cashier for me. Thus, if you will not put your push cart to the queue in the counter while you are picking up some items, you would be staying there for almost half of your day. That is how busy the place is, it is so crowded and you have to be careful with your bag because there are many thieves going around as well. But they have lesser price than of the mall I used to go whenever I grocery shop so I must sacrifice even how hot it is going there.

Right after we purchase some items for the store, we deliver those out to the store. I supposed to enlist the purchases in the record book but we can’t find the keys, maybe my sister knows is it. Mj was already eating her lunch while I hurriedly put a price tag on each items. When we finished our lunch, we headed immediately to Mj’s tutoring class, now we are still waiting for her to finish answering her worksheets so we can proceed to swimming class practice at 4:00 p.m., and that is how hectic my schedule is today. Good afternoon everyone!

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