Please refer us to some organizations

…. That would assist us for medical and hospitalization; my friend needs help, I already blog about it about her conditions in my other sites. Our friend had a thyroid cancer and her radiation will be due on July 3, 2010. She already tried her best to come up with P 20, 000.00 we already help some but it was not enough for the radiation expenses.

She is a mother of two, and one of her kids are also sickly. She is working right now and her husband as well but their money can’t even support their daily needs, to the fact that both of their kids has to go to school. They also have some previous loans they need to attain to; the result of her scan was so abrupt. She was not ready for it. The doctor found 2 nodules on her neck; I know this could be treated if you have enough funds and if you get medicated the soonest possible time. But she is only having a little span of time to prepare and she is lacking some money to back her up. She needs to live a longer life for her two kids, she needs to overcome this storm, she needs to do all the things so she could survive, she must survive for her kids sake.

If you happen to know an organization that could assist her, please refer them to us or you could leave a comment here. We, as her friends already have done our best to help her; we solicited some money so to at least could assist her medication expenses. But we also have a family who needs our help and we feel like our effort was not enough. I know we are amidst of economy crisis now, all of us suffer a lot for financial stability but if you have any resources that could provide her enough, that is truly appreciated.

For now, this is the least I can do to seek a help for her, so please, please, please leave us a comment for a possible club or organization that could support her while she struggle for this cancer.

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