She was lost in the mall

I always told my eldest daughter if she got lost, she could go to the nearest guard to inform him that she was lost and that she needs to message me in my phone. Of course, I never thought it will never happen since she always make sure that whenever we are in the mall, she keeps on following me and never will leave within my sight. But last Saturday, it did happen, I was hurrying to look for a sandal for her when suddenly I could never find her anymore. My niece said that she saw her walking so fast trying to follow me. Mariel was just sitting in the corner, messaging her friends at that time in the shoes department. So I told her to remain sitting there, so if Mj would pass by, she could see her instantly. I roam around the area, hoping I could see her, I almost gone to the outside of the department, thinking she must have gone out of the area to look for me. It went through about 30 minutes or more, I was not that nervous because I know my eldest daughter is resourceful, somehow she would find a way to locate for me, but I was already getting scared when I could not get any clue where she was.

Suddenly, I heard my name; they paged me from the information desk. So I came rushing to the desk and I saw Mj inside the office. She was waiting for me, the moment she saw me, she started crying and said that she was indeed lost! After she was recovered from the incident she told me how did she lost, she was looking for a sandal to fit her when all a sudden she could no longer find me. When she turns around, a sales man approached and asked her if she was lost, then he sent her to the information desk to page me.

5 Responses to “She was lost in the mall”

  1. Chie Wilks says:

    makarelate man ko ani nga post sis coz always get lost too back when I was young everytime my mama take me shopping with her…kids get too nosy mangud..

  2. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    Good thing MJ is very smart, that she already knew what to do.

  3. anne says:

    mao jud hehehe ako pud gani tung una wala man ko ug tulo ka adlaw may gani nabawi pa ko sa akong mama chie hehehe

  4. anne says:

    yup but she cried so hard when she saw me maybe she was really scared

  5. anne says:

    yup but she cried so hard when she saw me maybe she was really scared

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