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I’m at Mj’s School

Yes, I am actually blogging under the tree at Mj’s school, it is so funny because I never thought a school could ever have a WIFI but I was wrong because I just found it out two days ago that they have, I was so happy because that means I don’t have to use my credits in my USB Smart Bro.

The classroom of Mj is just in front of where I am right now, they are so well-behaved and so silent, this class is I guess the most quiet I ever encounter, unlikely when they were yet in Grade 3, you could never find this class as quiet as what they are now. Maybe, the students are getting mature, well they will be in the 5th grade in the next school year, and soon they will be the next teen, giggling with their friends and classmates when they see their crushes. Geez, what am I thinking? I don’t even want Mj to be courted or to feel any crushes, not just yet for me she is still and besides she has to focus more on her studies and not those things.

Well, I guess before my topic would get even weirder, I should update my other blog first. Tsk, tsk, tsk blogging under the tree is causing me to write crazy ideas. So I should move to a different location before it gets worst.

So many things we have to consider

In today’s economy crisis, we should be careful of our expenses and we always have to look at our budget. We also should save some for emergency purposes. That’s why when I thought to buy a new car, something takes a hold of me, first is the span of time would I used the car since we will move out in due time, second is the maintenance and lastly, I should find the best but cheap insurance companies so if the car would encounter trouble or accident, we have an insurance we could count on to minimize the expenses that we will incur.

I already blog about the need of having a car of my own, but there are so many things we have to consider. I hope when we decide for a car, we could get a good deal from the agent and we could get a dependable insurance and most of all, we will not encounter accidents along the way.

Food Trip Friday # 1 : Rae Rae Ken

My first time to join the Food Trip Friday and since eating and foods are mostly alike by the whole clan, I might as well join the oh most yummy-licious that would happen every Friday. So here’s my first entry:

When I have some extra money, I always treat my kid to Rai Rai Ken and I and Mj would always love to have their value meals. This cost range to P 159.00 to P 165.00 but when the budget is tight, Jollibee and McDonalds will always be available for us and oh, especially for Faith.

I was not moving forward!

It was during Christmas when one cashier counter is loaded with carts and customers, so I hop into a counter that has fewer carts in line. I was smiling then because I thought I could finish ahead than of the other customers whose line is so queue. I was so certain that the barcode scanner that the cashier is using works out fine and fast and it did, when she swipe it would detect the prize of the product as that. I was waiting them to finish but I notice that the other customers on the other line was already near at their counter, their line was moving so fast while I was stuck in my post.

It was then that I realized that the owner of the three carts, which was full of stocks and goods was actually was the one who was already at the counter, that’s why I was not moving because she got all the stocks in queue. And in addition to my disappointment, the lady has to pay the cashier a thousand of coins, and they have to count it yet to make sure she paid her right. So I learned my lesson, never fooled with a queuing carts otherwise you would spend your day being stuck at your line.