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Girls Talk : Financially

Sad to say but I really struggle for money when I was still in college, I worked so hard at school yet I never have enough money for my fare, the school I went for college only shouldered my tuition fee. Yes, my father left me some money for my school fees but it never reached me, anyway that was past and I already forgave and forget all those things. Though I was thankful that I experienced those hardships in life so early because it gave me wisdom that money is not that easy to earn, you have to work hard for it so you could eat and buy things that you want.

Now, that my husband supported me all the way, I never used the money he sent for pleasure. Mostly I spend it to my kids and things for the house, I sometimes buy things for myself but I made sure that the bills and the tuition fees were already paid. I also just ask exactly what we need for the week, and I deposit the rest to the bank. And even though my husband is too miles apart from me, I don’t go night outs or spend my money extremely shopping in the mall. I rather spend it wisely and save some so when rain come, we have something that we could use.

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