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No So Good Weekend

It was Friday morning when I noticed that my eldest daughter was so weak, we review a little then she poured some drops on her eyes, she said she was ready to take the long quiz on that day but when I touched her forehead she was dreading so hot, she has a fever. She said though she still can bear the heat, and that she needs to take the long quiz because she was ready. I did not allow her though, I told her to escape the quiz because we cannot do anything with it anymore and we would go to her pediatrician later in the morning.

When we arrive at the clinic, there were many kids who went there for check up, one patient was only a follow up check up since he was already admitted for Dengue Fever. The mother said it is already rampant in their area; thank GOD her son was saved. Mj has only a slight fever though, when the Doctor check on her, her temperature was only 37.5 maybe it was because of her sinusitis and phlegm. The Doctor advised me to make a follow up intake for her fever, then if it would gone already I will just have to continue her medicines for her nose and cough. It was not a good weekend for us at all, I thought to get a Tawa-Tawa from sister Merlyn then instantly Mj said she is alright and there’s no need for sister Merlyn to bring Tawa-Tawa the next day, she just don’t like the taste of it. Right now, she is fine and yeah there’s no need for her to take the herbal medicine, she should be alright otherwise she should drink a glass of the Tawa-Tawa.

A Total Miracle

When a woman gets pregnant, complete vitamins recommended by Doctors should be a must otherwise there’s a possibility that the baby will be unhealthy. When I was pregnant with Faith, my husband sent me some vitamins, I show it to my Doctor first and from then on, she did not give me any vitamins anymore, since I really had a hard time taking those, other than it is huge it has a different taste that I sometimes end up vomiting it all. There are many options now that you could find prenatal vitamins all in one capsule just like my husband sent me, you may also want to try to search it in if they have the vitamins you may like. And when you have the vitamins, don’t forget to get the recommendation from your Doctor, and let her check if that vitamin is good for you. It is better to do some precautions than to be sorry in the end. You must also visit your OB-gyne once in a month, I know it is very tiring to visit them since we have this little creature in our womb but there is no important than to have our baby safe and kicking alive inside us.

It is indeed hard to get pregnant but when you gave birth, there is no such exact word you could describe your feelings while holding her tiny body in your arms. I was speechless and cried secretly when I saw her; it was a total miracle to me at all.