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Girl’s Talk : Mentally

I am not a summa cum laude or valedictorian in elementary and in high school but I can say I also contributed my skills in school. I just get high grades if I study hard and I belong to a general section not the special section. But even though I was not in the special section, I was in the top 4 every school year ends, and when I graduated in high school I was in the top 16th among the 1,000 plus graduates.

When I went to college, I went well with my Accounting, it was my major and was recommended to get a Bachelor in Accountancy yet I choose the Management Accounting though, since I wanted to graduate early. I hate Math but I love Accounting, our guidance councilor said when she evaluated me, I just get serious with one thing when I am interested but if I am not expect me to have low grades.

I can still recall my Dad, he usually would wait for me from our door to congratulate me every time I received an award from school when I was in elementary and he would always brag me to his friends or to my siblings that I am the only clever among them. Char!