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We Will Look For A House

We were strolling around the mall when I eyed a modern furniture at the appliance store, it was so nice and classy, I bet if we would decide to buy a house here I might buy that furniture for the new home even though I just bought a new sofa when I moved in to this house but with a new furniture would not crack our budget then. I supposed to do house tripping last week but because I was busy here around the house and I thought my relatives from the province would arrive that day; I was not able to join the house tripping, maybe some other time when my husband is here. We will look for a house.

A new owned house this time would be one of our dreams since I just turn my house over to my sister but this does not mean we are not pursuing to migrate because we really will, we are just waiting for some news and updates with our papers. We are looking for a house because when time comes that we decide to retire here, we will have a shelter on our own to go to. I hope GOD will help us with our papers and with our house hunt.