Girls Talk : I love my body

Girls Talk

I am sure I already posted this picture here, and since the Girls Talk is having a theme “I love my body” I would love to share this picture again. They said, my best assets are my eyes, and I’ll say my liability is my height. Lol

Anyway, I am back from being hiatus this past few weeks for Meme’s now that I am here, I will never miss any Meme’s I joined again.

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22 Responses to “Girls Talk : I love my body”

  1. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    I think it's your eyes tha tmelts Terry's heart. :0
    GT:I Love Me

  2. Sherry says:

    pretty eyes 😀

    check mine

  3. Miranda says:

    A woman's eyes can really be her asset, especially if she knows how to play them up. 🙂

    I like my eyes too :

  4. K says:

    your eyes are a joy to look at. they look like they never tire of looking like you're always smiling 🙂

    thanks for joining GT! looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks!

  5. anne says:

    Hehehe willa, parang agree ako jan lol

  6. anne says:

    Thank You SHerry

  7. anne says:

    Hi Miranda, thanks for the comment, and yeah it is the window of our souls too, that no matter how we hide our feelings it really shows through our eyes.

  8. anne says:

    Thank you so much K, it is indeed my pleasure to join this Meme

  9. anne says:

    Thank you Charmie

  10. Vernz says:

    wow, ana man jud nang taga DAvao.. gwapa tanan… hehehe! … Musta gurl? My GT Entry is here

  11. Mommy Liz says:

    Tantalizing eyes ka nga eh, saka parang brown eyes ka yata ah. siguro kapag me gusto kang hingin ke Terry, medyo kindat kindat ka lang, bigay agad siya, hahaha!

  12. Lucia ♥ says:

    Nice color of your eyes, sweety! And good luck on never skipping a meme again 🙂 ~mwah

  13. bonz says:

    nice eyes! 😀

  14. anne says:

    @ Vhernz oist salamat kau kabayan, hehhee

  15. anne says:

    @ Liz, hehehe ay sus salamat sana lang pag kikindatan ko siya while asking a car, sana lang ibigay kaagad noh hahaha kidding. Lol

  16. anne says:

    Thank you Lucia fingers crossed 🙂

  17. anne says:

    Thank you Bonz

  18. f e R r y j H o i says:

    aww!! what an eye.. ganda ng color Sis, Love it… ahaha nice pose huh I should try that, allow me please 🙂 hahaha

    Happy Girls Talk

  19. By MelCole of PA says:

    I love your eyes sis!

    BTW, I am going to add your link to my list today, hope you can check it out. Grabbed your badge also 🙂

  20. anne says:

    @ Fer hehehe with my BIG YES, Lol, salamat sa comment, aw sus grabe salamat din sa praise hehehe

  21. anne says:

    @ Mel I will surely check it in your site, I guess you are here already in my blog though

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