I’m at Mj’s School

Yes, I am actually blogging under the tree at Mj’s school, it is so funny because I never thought a school could ever have a WIFI but I was wrong because I just found it out two days ago that they have, I was so happy because that means I don’t have to use my credits in my USB Smart Bro.

The classroom of Mj is just in front of where I am right now, they are so well-behaved and so silent, this class is I guess the most quiet I ever encounter, unlikely when they were yet in Grade 3, you could never find this class as quiet as what they are now. Maybe, the students are getting mature, well they will be in the 5th grade in the next school year, and soon they will be the next teen, giggling with their friends and classmates when they see their crushes. Geez, what am I thinking? I don’t even want Mj to be courted or to feel any crushes, not just yet for me she is still and besides she has to focus more on her studies and not those things.

Well, I guess before my topic would get even weirder, I should update my other blog first. Tsk, tsk, tsk blogging under the tree is causing me to write crazy ideas. So I should move to a different location before it gets worst.

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