She Gets Too Stubborn

Faith woke up so early in the morning today, so even I slept at 2:00 a.m., last night I have to get up with her. I immediately took her medicines so she could take it, in a while she was so behave and silent. I turn the TV on for her so she could watch her favorite TV shows while I heated the viand and frying the rice. When I was finish and ready to chat with her Daddy, she began to drag me at the living room or wanted me to lay down in bed with her. Lastly, she wanted to type the keyboard and stayed in front of the computer, she fought with me in a moment so I carried her in my arms and put her to our dine table for breakfast

I feed her some mango after we ate, now I think I am suffering from stomachache, I am certain it is from the mango I ate this breakfast. Faith looks absolutely fine though, except she is being so clingy, she doesn’t want me to be alone in the computer or do my assignments. Right now, while I am typing, she also sat in my lap and trying to cover the monitor with flash cards. I already told her to stop but she doesn’t want to listen, that’s how stubborn she is sometimes.

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