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TCP # 11 : Mano Po 6 A Mother’s Love

As we all know that Sharon Cuneta here in the Philippines is a blockbuster queen, when I learned that she will be the one to be the lead character in Mano Po 6, I then waited for it to be released in DVD. Well, of course the DVD is cheaper than going to the cinema.
The movie really has taught us a lesson that no matter what it takes. Mother’s love is still the great unconditional love in this world. Yes, your Mom may be had some mistakes she committed way back in her life, or she may be a good Mom, good or bad we should not judge them if they fulfilled the journey of being a Mom. Whatever happens, she is still your Mom and nothing could ever compare the sacrifices and love she has bestowed on her children.

Here is the synopsis of the story:
Melinda Uy is a billionaire widow whose life is a rags-to-riches story. The daughter of a Chinese immigrant and a Filipino small businessman, Melinda had been a victim of discrimination in the local Chinese community, being only half-Chinese. Melinda was only in her late teens when she got married to Alfonso Uy, the scion of the wealthy Uy clan. But Alfonso’s parents frown upon the marriage, believing that it is cursed. Disappointed with Alfonso’s choice of wife, they disinherit him.
The couple strike out on their own, starting a small business from scratch as they raise a family of their own. . But, as Alfonso’s parents predicted, a string of misfortunes hounds the marriage. The business they put up enjoys only a brief period of prosperity before it goes bankrupt. And just when they are slowly recovering from their financial woes, fire breaks out in their residence, wiping out everything they own. But the worst is yet to come. By this time, the couple already have four children, namely Carol, the eldest, followed by Stephanie, Audrey and Walden. But the kids would not enjoy the company of their father for long. Unexpectedly, Alfonso dies of a massive stroke.
A widow at a young age, Melinda along with her children is compelled to live with her in-laws who maltreat her. One day, Melinda, along with eldest child Carol, returns to the house of her in-laws from a visit to her mother. Melinda is shocked to find out that she is no longer welcome. She is driven away after a failed attempt to take Carol away from her.
Little Stephanie, Audrey and Walden are left behind in the house of the in-laws. Melinda’s efforts to take custody of them come to naught as her in-laws manage to hide the children from her. Melinda goes through hell in her attempts to take back her children. But Melinda’s determination is no match to the power of her in-laws.
Short of giving up, Melinda vows to someday take back her children as she channels her efforts to succeed financially, while continually monitoring the condition of her three children from afar.
Growing up away from her mother, Stephanie learns to hate Melinda, thanks to the constant brainwashing of aunt Olive who finds pleasure in demonizing Melinda.
Melinda experiences a good turn of fortune in the years that follow. She becomes one of the most wealthy and powerful women in the business community. At about this time, the fortunes of her once powerful in-laws are on the decline.
But Stephanie, now a young adult who’s already taking over the businesses of her aunt Olive and grandparents, is about to get married to a shady character, the dashingly handsome Daniel Chan.
Melinda is now ready to revive her claim on her three children, but years of separation make it seem impossible for her to win back their love. But the news of Stephanie’s marriage to Daniel Chan alarms Melinda, forcing the powerful widow to act, thus putting her on a collision course with Olive and the in-laws.
This time, Melinda is determined to succeed in having back her grown-up children. And this time, events transpire to make Melinda prove to her estranged children how much she really loves them.
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A New Television Experience

When I was growing up, I remember there were a lot of black and white TV shows. Color televisions were quite expensive. As I got older more models of color television became available and they became more affordable. Picture quality improved and the signal progressed from analog to digital. Televisions had tubes, then transistors and now solid state electronics. From bulky units that weighed a lot to Plasma and LCD televisions. HDTV technology let us see things in detail. The quality of today’s televisions far surpasses those old grainy television programs of the past. Now if I want to watch something in black and white, it is most certainly something produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I enjoy television, so do my girls and HDTV gives us wonderful images and a new television experience.

Blue Monday # 8 : The Bouncing Set

This was her play set when she was still a baby, my husband send it to us so we could put her on that bouncing set when I have to prepare her milk. Now this bouncing set was given away to my BFF, I hope my godson was able to enjoy when they were still here. Happy Blue Monday everyone!

This was her before while enjoying the moment with her bouncing set, this set was very useful to her because…

she can sleep so well while Mom was sleeping in day time too since Mom has to work at night shift. Good thing I resigned from that work and decided to be a stay at home Mom.
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So Proud

When I was bloghopping this morning, I was curious about this video as it said it already reaches almost 2 million viewers and was even featured in BBC News. It is about of 4 Filipinos that when they heard that Ms. Philippines Venuz Raj was included to top 15, they were so overwhelmed, one even jumped so high, cried and screamed. I hope some Filipinos out there were this supportive and positive because this is a true characteristic of Pinoy and not those crabby reactions from some people in a certain networking site.