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Fully Potty Trained

I had been trying to write a post about the development of Faith’s potty training but it always sweep away in my mind whenever I wrote something here. Anyway, I am so proud to say that Faith is fully potty trained only at 2 years old. Whenever she feels like to pooh, she would approach me and tell me that she wanted to pooh, she can also tell me if she feels like to pee as well but of course when she sleeps at night, she still could not wake up when there’s a call of the nature. I did not train her yet to wake up, maybe I am not ready yet for such, I know it is just so silly I mean this is the right time to train her but I feel pity for her if I wake her up to pee, I am sure she will throw tantrums if ever I will force her to open her eyes. But in due time, I really have to train her.
Meanwhile, I have to celebrate for this biggest development in her life as a toddler, it was such a very memorable journey whenever I put her in the bowl and she’s refusing it with all her might. Well, usually Mom wins and I won and she doesn’t have any choice but to follow the training. Now she is fully potty trained, congratulations my little one!

Big Events

The past year has really been an eventful one for me, my family and two very close friends. It started last May (2009), when my close friend Clarinda got married. At the same time she was preparing for her wedding and getting her things ready, I really had to start working on my own. I was married in September.
This past April, my good friend Grace was married, and just last month my cousin was married. These were all big events for me and lots of planning was involved. We all helped each other prepare except for planning the bridal shower games. These were each done by our friends and family. We found that there are free bridal shower games to print out on the web. They helped make the shower an exciting and fun event.
Being involved in the bridal shower of Clarinda and helping to plan it, really made me aware of the things I needed to get done to prepare for my own wedding. Planning the Bridal shower was fun and the event itself was a great success. It also got me off my butt and made me start to work on the preparations for my won wedding.
I was very happy with the way it turned out. I was proud of the parts played by MJ and Faith in our wedding. They were such good girls and really did their part to contribute to our happy day. I enjoy planning events like bridal showers and birthday parties, but it is a lot of work. The big reward is the smiles and thanks you receive for a job well done.