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TCP # 8 : Green Rose

Oh my! It is really raining so hard here, we were riding a jeepney all so wet although we brought an umbrella with us. On the other note, here’s my pick for Tuesday Couch Potatoes happy Tuesday everyone!

Green Rose:

I just can’t forget this Korean novela, it was aired here in the Philippines on April or May of 2005, the plot was dramatically amazing. Here’s the summary of it :

Lee Jung-Hyun (Go Soo) and Oh Soo-ah (Lee Da Hae) are living a normal life as a couple until it is revealed that Soo-ah is actually the daughter Oh Byung-moo, chairman of SR electronics where Jung-hyun works. The chairman does not recognize Jung-hyun as his daughter’s fiancĂ©. One day Jung-hyun is summoned to the chairman’s vacation house. Inside, Jung-hyun finds the chairman unconscious. When Jung-hyun attempts to carry the chairman out of the house a fire is started and Jung-hyun is knocked out. Jung-hyun is then framed for the attempted murder of the chairman and arson. Jung-hyun’s mother attempts suicide so that her son can get out of jail for a couple of days to prove his innocence. He is helped by Director Suh Jun-moo, a long time friend of the chairman. Cornered, Jung-hyun jumps off a bridge and is believed to be dead. After escaping to China, he experienced good care and love from a Korean man named Lee Choon-bok, who has Jung-hyun’s surname, that the man helped him from painful experience and saved him from accidents and sickness he may receive outside a building, and Choon-bok becomes a guardian for him. After becoming the CEO of a Chinese company, he goes back to Korea to claim back his life under the alias Zhang Zhongyuan. Soo-ah immediately recognizes Jung-hyun even though its been 4 years and she was with a suspicious man named Shin Hyun-tae (Lee Jong Hyuk).Under the help of his friends, it is revealed that the chairman was involved in the death of Soo-ah’s father and that Shin was the one that wanted the chairman dead. Director Suh witnessed the whole thing but he also wanted the chairman dead. Shin was the one that tried to kill the chairman but Director Suh was the one that knocked out Jung-hyun. In the end both Shin and Suh commit suicide and Jung-hyun reclaims his name and his love Soo-ah.