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Food Trip Friday # 4 : Pancake

Yesterday morning, I promised the kids that I will be cooking a pancake for snack when they get home. Mj was so excited and even told me if she could ride the carpool in the first trip and just leave her bag for second trip. So I told her, she should not leave her bag and ride the second trip instead, only then I found out later that she was left at school and her bag was already send at home on second trip.
The driver of the carpool said that he could not find Mj at school, but he said he would go back for her. Good thing that Mj has a cellphone now, she messaged me that she was just inside the classroom and she didn’t know that the carpool already went off for second trip. When she went outside her room, her bag was nowhere in sight anymore. I told her immediately to stay inside the school because the carpool will get back for her. It was already past 6:00 p.m., that she arrived home, she suddenly smashed the pancake because she said she was so hungry already.

Here’s the pancake ready to cook

With a pancake syrup, the kids could say yummy
So instead of buying fancy snacks outside, why not cook your own snacks, it won’t only save you some yet you could be sure that it is clean and it is safe. Join us in Food Trip Friday!