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Dengue Fever Outbreak

One thing I am really so worried for now is this outbreak that recently happen to our town and it is even until now. I’d been hearing some kids died because of it, the hospitals are packed with dengue victims, some even are already lying down in the hallway just to be admitted and be monitored and we are totally running out of blood donor. When a patient needs some blood, the relatives or parents would go far away yet just to look for donation while the platelet goes down abruptly. Thank GOD that our friend in San Lorenzo was able to get a blood from her relatives to be added to her daughter who was at that time only has 25 platelet. It is sad to say that some was not able to cope up, there’s one case that she send her son to their medical doctor and when they check his platelet it was 100 so the doctor advised them to go back and just have their medication at home, at night he was rushed back to the hospital, only then to find out that the platelet of his son went down so rapidly, the last check was already 8 and it was hard for them to find a blood to replace what he loses. He dies.

This is absolutely freaking me out, although there’s this magic ball some recommended and it could only found at the Chinese Pharmacy. They said it is effective since some victims got their platelet back to normal after they take that. There are actually no medicines for Dengue Fever and there’s no scientific explanation why the herbal tawa-tawa could help boost up the platelet, they even said that the Durian fruit also could make the platelet right back to normal. I just wish my kids won’t suffer from it, I mean I already have traumatic experience when Mj has it, so I hope that was the last one although we don’t know to whom it would attack and when, could they just leave us alone, the kids mostly suffers this outbreak. How I wish these mosquitoes would hear us to do not harm us anymore, we have enough and it has to stop.

The most important health insurance

I am glad that my kids are strong and healthy. MJ and Faith are active and intelligent children. They are a lot of fun. I do worry about them when they have a cough or run a fever or are just not as active as usual. Making sure our family has proper medical care is important.
Having good health insurance is a must. NC health insurance is one place you can check to see if they have what you need to cover your family. I was talking with my husband today about my niece who has had a heart condition since birth. I am worried about her. I know that the more serious a medical condition is, it is often more costly to treat. That is the main reason that having good health insurance is important.