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Philippine Big League Girls Softball Team Won the Second in the World Series

I am a proud to be a Filipino and I am proud of our country when we do something good. I learned today that our Big League Girls softball team finished second in the World Series they were really a good team. It is quiet an achievement to finish second against all the strong teams they had to play.
They had won six games and lost two in the round robin part of the tournament. That is when each team will play all the others. After a nearly thirty our flight, our tired girls lost their opening game by a 2 to 1 score. But, they preserved and played hard to achieve a second place finish. They beat teams from the USA and from Canada, though they eventually lost in the final game to a team from Michigan, USA 14-4. I am still proud of our girls.
Here’s the screen shot of the result:

Just click the image for a bigger view, thanks!
I must thank my husband because he was the one who find out the links and he even sent me the pictures of the team too. He have seen this on TV and the moment I turn the computer on to chat with him, he tell me about the news then.

Angat Pinoy!