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We all got sick!

We all got sick! After I caught flu from my niece, my youngest daughter followed, she had fever last night and it even went up to 39 degrees, I was so worried and crying, I asked GOD to guide me through all the night, not to mention that I was alone taking good care of her. Mj also has a dry cough started on Sunday.
I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I know I should rest early but I cannot help it, I have to monitor my daughter’s fever. After I cried, I decided to be online to talk to my friend Genny, she mentioned about the dosage and the span of hours for her to take the paracetamol again. So I did not wait until 12:00 a.m., since she took the medicine at 6:00 p.m., after she took the medicine, her temperature slowly went down, she still have fever now but not much. How I wish her fever will go away in due time, oh LORD please help me!

Get tired of spending too much money on gas, why not shopping online?

It’s that time of year again in where kids are getting ready to go back to school. This means it’s also time for parents to spend money on school supplies, new clothes, shoes, and other items needed by their kids. Driving from mall to mall is time consuming and the malls can also be crowded by people hunting for the same bargains you are.

If you go to the mall, shopping centers or brick and mortar establishments, you will not only spend money on gas, the products you want, you will also waste your time. Looking for them online can save you, gas money and time. Provided you know what you want, finding, deals and online coupons can save you time, money and gas.

I enjoy shopping and I enjoy going to the mall especially but there are times when I just don’t feel up to it or they are just too crowded. Even if I do go to the mall for shopping I can still get Home Depot promotion codes to use in the mall. I know the kids like to help in picking out their clothes, but sometimes they are not practical. If I can’t take them with me, I can let them see what I want to get online, maybe not the exact item but one that looks similar.

In any event, I like the idea of saving money. So whether I choose to shop online and save money on gas, or download coupons like a Home Everything coupons to use in the mall or at specific merchants, looking for discounts and coupons on line is a big advantage, especially when money is tight.

Blue Monday # 7 : The Blue Sky

One of the pictures I took when we went to Cebu with a friend, this was on our way home and I found the clouds so interesting, it was so peaceful and quiet. I just hope it won’t rain today, it has been raining for how many days and we all got sick because of a sudden change of the weather.
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Varieties of Shirts

From time to time I see some really unique t-shirts out there. My husband’s favorite color is yellow and when Faith was just an infant we used to use one of this sports tshirts to cover her with. Well he has another yellow one now that he picked up when is company went to meetings in Cancun, Mexico. It too is wearing out.
When we were staying at the Apo View hotel in Davao, we were having dinner at a restaurant near there, it started raining so hard and we did not have umbrellas with us. Well my husband went to get us umbrellas at the mall and he also bought a t-shirt to change into. The t-shirt was too small for him and so I wear it now. Whenever he sees me wearing it, he will say, “Where did you get that nice T-shirt?” He knows, but still says it.
He can’t wear t-shirts to work, no matter what they may say on them, but he does change into one when he gets home and wears them on weekends. T-shirts can say just about anything, and there are many custom tshirt around. You can even get them with your families pictures on them or you may want to try the Death by T-shirt if you want to be artistic. I don’t know if Faith and MJ would like to see their photos on a T-shirt. Back to that old yellow T-shirt that we used for Faith, we still have it here in the cabinet. I wonder if my hubby will try to wear it again.