Archive for August 25th, 2010

Trying to catch a plane

My husband is still trying to catch a flight in Los Angeles until now, I am already antsy to see him but it has been days since he was there and he is always a by chance passenger. He got out at La general hospital on Tuesday and right after he was discharged, he went to the airport immediately. I am already pity for my husband, he is so depressed and so tired to get on the plane but he never given a chance, sometimes he is the 9th passenger on the waiting list. He said he won’t give up as he wanted to see his monsters and me, I just hope tomorrow, someone would spare him a seat, our appointment in Manila has been put on hold because of what happened. Please GOD, let him have a flight to go here so we could be together for at least how many weeks.

Planning to have our own Business

My husband and I were talking about putting up a business once we decided to retire here, he even mentioned of having a feasibility study first before we would decide which business we are going to put up. Local business insurance rate for instance, that should be taken cared of so when we start our business, it won’t be hard for us to choose which insurance is the best. Our friend from the states mentioned about his insurance and it’s doing him good. Well, if we put up a business, it will not be in the states, although how I wish to have a business with my husband there, in California perhaps since they have a better insurance there for business. California business insurance, that is what our friend was talking about, he didn’t have a problem since he applied for it. It has a lot of offer that you would like, and it is dependable.
For now, we are still undecided what is the insurance that is best for us; we are still trying to search it online. In fact a while ago I was reading business insurance quotes. I am crossing my finger I could find the same as what our friend has. On the other note, there are many things to consider nowadays that sometimes having a business of our own has to set aside. Although, some plans have to put behind, we are still contemplating the chances of having one. For now, we think more of our application to be together, it should be prioritized because our family is growing. I am looking forward for that day to arrive.