Archive for August 26th, 2010

Extra Active

Headache attacked me again today. Of all the days, it chooses to hit me today, the time is so perfect because my sister was not here and I have to be the one to watch after my little tea pod. Not to mention that Faith is extra active tonight, I supposed to put her to sleep a little bit early but she just don’t want to sleep, she keeps on jumping at our bed and I feel like my head would crack in no time. I did not turn the aircon on this time because it gives me allergy, I keep on sneezing I already took my medicine for cough and my seretide, I stopped taking it for few days because it really doesn’t taste good, only to realized now that I needed to continue it otherwise the virus will keep on coming.,
I am crossing my finger that Faith won’t demand for me to turn the aircon on later besides it has to be cleaned but I still couldn’t find an expert to clean it. My sister promised me that she will contact the one who did their aircon but until now she did not send me one. Faith and Mj are still giggling with each other, Faith would sometimes scream and I feel like my eardrum would explode soon. I better go to try to put her to sleep again; I hope she will this time.