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So Relax

The periodical exam is over and now I and Mj are so relax, although another chapter of their lesson has to begin, she still did not read her books yet because she said they’re always having a practice at school. They had an event this coming Tuesday as early as 8:00 a.m., so I better have to join her in the carpool to watch their show. She always asks me when we could buy her the costume; well we have to try on Monday since they don’t have school on that day.

This is how she has been doing right after her test last week, watching her favorite program in the TV, while eating a Koko Crunch. First week of September, she would be very busy again reading and reviewing her notes at school. They are also having a sprint at the swimming class, but she will attend it on Friday and Saturday now, I don’t want her to be so stress, if she could not join the novice next year, well that is alright with me, importantly she is stress free while enjoying her swimming class.

It was really like a house

When I was still young, I never thought a mobile home exists. I was amazed when I get to see what’s inside a mobile home when it was featured in one channel; it has a lot of things and appliances inside. It was really like a house! Well, I hope that mobile home featured in that channel has an insurance, and if they have not they could search an rv insurance quote over the Internet. It is better to have an insurance nowadays especially with that mystifying fantastic home, they should be getting a safe insurance that doesn’t fool around.
My husband has a nice house and he made sure to get a reliable insurance company, although it was not a mobile home I am still looking forward to living in that house, he still have plans to go to another place though but that would wait, what matters this time is for us to be together forever.