Blue Monday # 5 : Motif

Its August now, and one month to go or more, it would be our first wedding anniversary then. Yes, it’s our first wedding anniversary yet but we were together now for three years or more. I am looking forward for it but I am sad as well because we might not get to celebrate it together. I hope someone would hear us then and process our application fast; I just want to complete this family for once.
This is our motif for our wedding last year; of course my first ever favorite color other than pink is blue. My pick for Blue Monday:

14 Responses to “Blue Monday # 5 : Motif”

  1. Fe says:

    ganda naman ng arrangement nito.

    here my blue Monday entry also

  2. anne says:

    thanks Fe

  3. SmilingSally says:

    What pretty decorations for a special day.

    Happy Blue Monday, Anne,

  4. LV says:

    Whatever you need to complete your family, I trust it goes well. This is a very pretty blue wedding scene.

  5. Manang Kim says:

    Wow I love the color and the arrangement, simple but elegant!

    Blueberry Lane

  6. Kayce says:

    wow super ganda nga ng blue color motiff ng wedding nyo sis… it was beautifully arranged and organized talaga.

  7. anne says:

    Happy Blue Monday to you too SMiling Sally

  8. anne says:

    Thanks LV my hopes are high we will be together soon, in GOD's will

  9. anne says:

    @ MAnang Kim, thanks, that's what really I wanted to portray in my wedding. 🙂

  10. anne says:

    Thank YOu Kayce

  11. Lesa says:

    The blue really makes a statement– lovely!

  12. Jingle says:

    cute blue background there,
    loved it.
    Happy August!

  13. anne says:

    thanks so much lEsa

  14. anne says:

    Happy August to you too Jingle

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