Everyone Was Pleased

When we had our party on the 2nd birthday of my little Faith, I was really so worried because we didn’t have some cookware we could use for cooking. Good thing one friend of mine offered me her enamel cookware; I was so happy that even I didn’t ask for her to let me borrow her cookware. She offered it herself. We just moved in to this house at that time so we didn’t have enough budgets to buy kitchenware as we just bought our appliances like couch, TV set, DVD player, beds, closet and such. Plus Faith’s birthday was on its way, and the budget was really tight during those days. I didn’t even hire a mascot or a magician, no games and such yet we still had so much fun. My brother-in-law cooked very delicious foods and everyone was amused with his cooking, as usual he was so flattered and so proud, they were all so pleased with the way it was cooked.

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