Facing her Fears

When we went to Jollibee for lunch, we saw Jollibee and Hetty entertaining customers and the kids. I know Faith wanted to go near at them, but it’s just something stopping her. Mj was the opposite because she never been afraid of those. Later, as she saw her sister hugging them, Faith followed, she was not scared anymore, in fact she went near Jollibee and hugged them, of course she screamed a little bit when Jollibee touches her forehead, that maybe because she was thrilled that she did face her fears.

As you can see at the picture, Faith was out of sight that was because she was so afraid to touch Jollibee and Hetty.

After a moment, she went passed through me then I found her at Jollibee, she got too excited and loving it so much. I hope when she saw other mascot, she won’t be afraid of them anymore, well I am crossing my finger for it.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Mascots can be so scary for little ones, even when it's their favorite characters. I hope this experience has helped her over her fear!

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