My magic jack and Ms. Universe

When I was looking for a phone for my magic jack, I got tons of cordless phone reviews, I so wanted to buy one but it was a bit expensive than a wired telephone. One more thing, I was just testing my magic jack if the Internet could support well for me to get a line through it so I could call my friends and husband in the states, and I found out when I had my husband on the phone it keeps on cutting out so I guess my decision was right of buying a wired telephone, it was cheap and my money was not wasted.
On the other note, have you watched the Ms. Universe in tv this morning? Too bad I was not able to watch it at the very beginning because I was sleeping, although I get so thrilled when the Ms. Philippines made it to the top 5, she did so well. So come on people, can we be proud of her, I’ve read so many critics all over the world and most of them are really hitting below the belt. I mean put yourself on her shoe at that point? All the people around are watching you, would you not get nervous? Let’s face it, it was really hard but she gave all her effort and best as she could for the country, so let’s just keep our mouth shut and be thankful because she reign up to the top 5, right?
Lastly, do you have an lcd tv? Is it true that it is more overwhelming when you watch the pageant though because they said it is more overwhelming when you watch the pageant through it, maybe next time when our budget is enough I would really go to the appliance center to look for the best tv’s in the whole world. I know there are many televisions around and I may get confused which one to choose, well I don’t worry much about that since my husband would be there for me, he will be the one to choose one for me, he is good at it.

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