So Proud

When I was bloghopping this morning, I was curious about this video as it said it already reaches almost 2 million viewers and was even featured in BBC News. It is about of 4 Filipinos that when they heard that Ms. Philippines Venuz Raj was included to top 15, they were so overwhelmed, one even jumped so high, cried and screamed. I hope some Filipinos out there were this supportive and positive because this is a true characteristic of Pinoy and not those crabby reactions from some people in a certain networking site.

4 Responses to “So Proud”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    grabi mga bayot mani sila tanan oi. at first i thought they were REAL Japanese guys shos mga shukla lingawa jud nila oi

  2. anne says:

    Hahaha pero na feature jud sila sa BBC news girl oi amazing kau hehehe

  3. Kayce says:

    Wow mao ba sis? grabe na feature pa jud sila sa BBC news ha! nisikat dayon sila ug kalit.. hehehe!

  4. anne says:

    @Kayce super, it was unexpected though

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