We got sick after my niece check up last Tuesday

Last Tuesday I drag my niece to her Pedia so she could be check right after she suffers from hard breathing last Saturday, we knew already that she has a heart disease but since she was not a blue baby we did not really give our full attention to her condition besides the doctor that we went to when she was only on her 2nd grade said, we don’t have to worry because the veins might detach automatically from her heart. It should be detach when she was born, it should be automatic but due to some circumstances it did not.

Her Attending Physician asked us a 2Decho result last Tuesday because she palpitates too much it goes strong before we could get a medical certificate for her C A T training at school, she would be excuse if we ever have a letter from her Pedia. So I have her check-up and immediately we got the result, and the cardiologist said she should be operated since it is not yet complicated, she had a heart enlargement on her left side and it is about 8 c.m., I don’t know what to say. We went back to her Attending Physician and he gave me the medical certificate, he explained to me further what happen and what is needed to do so we could attain her condition. He told me though that we don’t have to panicked since this is only a very easy operation, they just have to detach the veins so her heart, going to be normal. We cannot decide for a moment since we need her Mother’s approval.

Right after we went to her Pedia and bought her some medicines for her cough, she suddenly suffered flu. She has been in bed for two days, good thing she was okay after two days, next to her, a flu plus my asthma attack me, that explains me of being absent for nearly a week now. So folks I have to go for now to rest have a Happy Saturday everyone!

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