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Girl’s Talk : Pink Stuff

Pink is my second best when it is come to color, so now I am going to share to you some of my pink stuff here :
My sister offered me this perfume, it looks so cute because of its color and oh well it also has a good scents so I took it.

My baby Faith with her stroller, she was only 8 months old in the picture

Faith and her Ate Mj. Faith wore her pink top, pink skirt, pink socks. Mj wore her pink top and pink shoes. Look how much they grown up

One of my favorite tops
My entry for Girls Talk:

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That was painful

One of my friends know how to remove blackheads and since I don’t know how, I don’t care at all. She noticed I got some blackheads in my nose; she volunteered to prickle my blackheads. Darn it was indeed so painful. I am not sure if I would allow her again to prickle my blackheads because I feel like I was poke by a needle. But geez it has been a long time since I have it clear up and I get too busy nowadays to go to a spa for facial, anyone of you would like to teach me in removing blackheads?

Hair Treatment

Right after our Pediatrician’s appointment yesterday, I decided to treat my damaged hair. So we went to different hair salon in the mall and found one salon that would treat my damaged hair as well as to cut Mj’s hair. The other salon that we went to do not allow kids and don’t cut kids hair, I was wondering why but oh well, why do I care, it’s their business anyway. So while I have my treatment that cost me P 1,500.00 good luck to my budget, Mj had her hair V cut.
It was all worth it though because my hair is gaining back to normal, when I touch it; it is not as hard as a stone. It is now so soft but I hope it won’t change as I will take a bath later. I made myself a promised never again to have a hair relax by a salon that uses strong products for hair.

To Choose a Path to Pursue

Weight loss, as always is on my mind. What do I do? Do I exercise, diet or take supplements? Is a combination of all three my best option? There are a lot of programs, pills and diets out there, some making amazing claims? But what is the best fat burning supplements for me? I think that the more I learn about diets, exercise and supplements, the easier it will be for me to choose a path to pursue. I know that chasing Faith give me a lot of exercise, but maybe there are some foods I should cut down on, any thoughts?