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Food Trip Friday # 6 : Beach Party

Last Monday, my friend invited me for a beach party, that was a Mommy moment time for me so I did not bring my kids with me. Sometimes we need to put things in a halt, and have a bonding time with ourselves alone for a break. We need that to relax and laugh so hard with our friends thus when we go back to our family, we are able to appreciate the things that we had with them and that we could do our responsibility with joy in our hearts.
Here are the foods that they brought for the party and let me take this opportunity also to greet her father, a Happy Birthday!

My friend’s Tatay and Nanay

These were the foods they brought for the party, and since I was already starving at that time, the first thing I did was eat.

Now who would never forget their diet when you have a very tempting foods in front of you, oh geez that’s why I got this big. Ouch!

Do you have some recipes or pictures of the foods you want to share, why not click the badge to know the mechanics of how to join.

The Importance of Insurance

We live in a litigious society. One in which, the smallest error or perceived slight may cause some people to sue. Having the right amount of insurance for your business can mean the difference of success or failure. Businesses must have the right business insurance policy that provides the protection they need in the event of accidents to employees or customers and damage to the business assets.
Furthermore, businesses need to take care of their employees. It is not feasible or affordable for a company to buy each individual employee a separate health insurance plan. It is much more affordable for a business to provide access to group health insurance. Group health insurance can save both the business and its employee’s money by spreading costs across the group.
A business insurance health is a competitive industry. There are many options and that go along with many different insurance options. What is the right amount of coverage a business needs to provide for its employees and how much should an employee be expected to share in the cost of their health insurance plan? Companies will differ on this. Providing a good health insurance benefit is one way to keep employees happy and productive. Having an affordable and quality health insurance plan benefits both the employer and employee. Health care is not cheap, but illnesses and missed work can adversely affect productivity. Having access to quality health will keep workers on the job.