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Got My Double Lock Now

Finally we bought a lock inside our bedroom; it is the second lock aside from the door knob that is attached to our door. Robberies inside our village is getting too many, and I’ve heard a lot of news about it, good thing that none of them are hurt although it saddened for us to know that they got things from the owner such as laptops, desktop, watches, jewelries and money. They usually attacked the house when the owner and their family went out to go to church or downtown. One was attacked during night time, the husband was able to wake up and saw the thief but he chooses not to create some noise because he was scared that the thief brought a weapon and he would attack them if they screamed or something.
One problem of my sentry lock is that, it has to install in the upper level of our door, and when we open it, we just have to pull the string but it automatically locked after we pull it. Now, if we have to go outside in the living room we must find something that would serve as a barrier so it will hold the lock. I should put that in mind that I have to insert a hook in the string every morning so Faith will not be locked up inside. I hope to remember everyday.

A Supplement For Us

My husband was the one noticed that my eldest daughter got an eczema, he knows about how does it look like since he also have an eczema and it would show on his skin from to time, that’s why he bought a cetaphil for us to use. But a while ago, I just found out that there’s a supplement for allergies and the like, that’s right my husband and my kids need biotin supplements so their allergies will disappear forever and will never go back. I am not sure yet if the kids could take it, I will research more of this product yet. Although it is rest assured that this supplement could help our health as well, especially if you have a history of diabetis. I can’t wait to tell this supplement to my husband, I am sure he is interested to know this product all about.

TCP # 13 : Bucket List

Have you watched the Bucket List? Although some other said that this movie is a bit boring but for me it was not. I’ve learned one lesson from there, and it is as long as you still alive do all things, that makes you happy and contented even the impossible ones.
Live life to the fullest, this is one of the messages they are trying to deliver to us because we only live once.


Comedy Drama. Corporate billionaire Edward Cole (JACK NICHOLSON) and working class mechanic Carter Chambers (MORGAN FREEMAN) are worlds apart. At a crossroads in their lives, they share a hospital room and discover they have two things in common: a desire to spend the time they have left doing everything they ever wanted to do before they “kick the bucket” and an unrealized need to come to terms with who they are. Together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime, becoming friends along the way and learning to live life to the fullest. Each adventure adds another check to their list, all done with insight and humor.