Archive for September 19th, 2010

God will provide for us

My life is getting too intense right now after I got news from my beloved husband; I was so overwhelming and was so happy. It was indeed a very nice gift ever on our wedding anniversary but all a sudden I get panicked, what if things would happen along the way and we can’t make it. My husband the ever calm person I knew in my whole life, assured me that nothing would change, we will still go with the plan, what matter is that we should be all together before Christmas as a family. Then I knew, things will be smooth as plan, GOD will provide for us.
On the other hand, I guess Mj would stop the training for a moment so we could concentrate on her shots here. And her runny nose should stop the soonest possible time; we might consult her ENT once again for her runny nose. We all need your prayer guys; I hope our family will be intact on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and forever.

Dancing Together

Mj is a good dancer, she can sway her body smoothly and Faith wanted to be like her, only then she was not swaying her body but she sways her foot instead. It was a fun evening for the three of us, soon their Dad will going to witness their little bonding. Life is just so good thank you so much GOD.

Wrong Slimming Intakes

Whenever you took a diet pill and don’t know the side effect of the pill you are taking, don’t you know it will lead to a serious problem? So why do you have to struggle with it while you can actually know the diet pill side effects by asking for dietary expert, your doctor perhaps or your friend who had used a diet pill. Choose a diet pill that doesn’t have side effects so you can enjoy while losing you’re weight and not getting to a serious problem. My husband always told me to diet by doing exercise but I am just so stubborn to follow her advice and I would jump on taking to diet pills, few weeks ago I suffered from a severe headache because of taking a wrong slimming intakes.