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Our Doggie Wears a Sunglass

One morning Faith asked me to get the sun glass in my cabinet, to just answer her whining I just gave it to her; anyway that sunglass is already broke. After a while, she drags me from working area and led me to the living room, and then I saw this doggie stuff toy wearing the sunglass. She put it there so perfect, enough for me to capture this little creature wearing my sunglass.

Remodeling our Bathrooms in Maryland

We need to remodel our bathrooms. Both upstairs bathrooms date from the early 1970s and need to be updated. We want to change all the fixtures, including shower heads and faucets. Planning the remodeling will be fun.
One thing I found online was information about Grohe faucets. I want to learn more so I can select features that will work well in our house and that the kids will not have too much trouble with. Of course Faith is a little too young to try to turn on and off the shower or bath. But I am sure that selecting the write fixtures will enhance the value or our home.