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My eldest daughter suddenly woke up at 2:00 a.m., crying, she said that her tooth aches too much. She was so sleepy and she was crying, after she complained about her toothaches, she closed her eyes a bit I thought she will be alright and can bear the pain because she did not noticed me, asking her if she would like to take a paracetamol. But in a moment or two she woke me up and begged me if I could accompany her to the kitchen to get the paracetamol so to intake it. We woke up together and hand her the other half of the tablet of Biogesic. We went back in our bed, hoping it would subside. Sure, she was able to get back to sleep but when she woke up this morning, she was still complaining about it.
She went to the living room and sleep in the couch for seconds, when she opened her eyes I asked her again about her toothache, she said it’s a bit alright now but I guess I still have to take her to her dentist specially the one that hurts was the tooth that the dentist repaired this year. Mj got an accident at school, and she hit her front tooth in the floor, she did not bleed but her tooth was damaged. The dentist could not extract it because it is a permanent tooth so she suggested filling it in.