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TCP # 15 : Hook

I just got home from the Kumon, I was so happy to know Mj’s report in Kumon, out of 80 items she got 78 correct within 14 minutes, the standard time is 15 minutes. The teacher told me she did a good job on her speed test on Saturday. Her only concern is that Mj tend to be easily distracted.
On the other note, I have to be fast in posting my TCP because I have to fetch my eldest daughter again for her mumps booster.
Here’s my entry for Tuesday Couch Potatoes:
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Hook, I so love how Robin Williams acts in this movie, he is so natural, a superb actor for me, I always adored his sense of humor.
I guess we all have watch Peter Pan right? He is the Peter Pan in this movie but he just forgot about his past at all, ever since he kissed the grand daughter of Windy and grew up. He became a very busy lawyer, that he only had lesser time with his kids, although his wife supported him all the way.
But one night, Hook took his kids and brought them to Never land, when he, his wife and Windy returned that night, they could not found the kids anymore. With the help of Tinkerbell, Peter slowly remembers it all, he returned to the Never land to get his kids from Captain Hook but it could only happen if he could find his Happy Thoughts.