Girl’s Talk : Purple Pajama

I have to go to my multiply account to look for any purple tops I had but what I found is my cute little Faith wearing a purple pajama from Hongkong. My husband bought it for her when he went here when Faith was just born.

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8 Responses to “Girl’s Talk : Purple Pajama”

  1. Kayce says:

    aw! faith is such a cutie here! love that purple pajama too!

  2. anne says:

    Thanks Kayce

  3. Vernz says:

    Anne, cute jud ang baby clothes oi … dako naman ning imung girl karon oi…

    gt at Woman’s elan vital

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  4. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    Ang cute naman ni Faith sa kanyang Purple pajama…

  5. anne says:

    @ Vernz already joined girl

  6. anne says:

    Thanks Willa

  7. K says:

    awww.. babies are truly a love to look at. and in purple too! cute!

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