God will provide for us

My life is getting too intense right now after I got news from my beloved husband; I was so overwhelming and was so happy. It was indeed a very nice gift ever on our wedding anniversary but all a sudden I get panicked, what if things would happen along the way and we can’t make it. My husband the ever calm person I knew in my whole life, assured me that nothing would change, we will still go with the plan, what matter is that we should be all together before Christmas as a family. Then I knew, things will be smooth as plan, GOD will provide for us.
On the other hand, I guess Mj would stop the training for a moment so we could concentrate on her shots here. And her runny nose should stop the soonest possible time; we might consult her ENT once again for her runny nose. We all need your prayer guys; I hope our family will be intact on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and forever.

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  1. VANENi says:

    I also believe that God provides. Just pray and never lose faith and hope. God bless ur family sis! šŸ™‚

  2. eden says:

    God is always there to help and provide us. I pray and hope you will be together before Christmas.

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