TCP # 12 : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Have you seen the Curious Case of Benjamin Button? I really am curious if this illness is really true, I mean a man who is growing younger each day and dies when he turns into a baby. Geez, it really gives me goosebumps. Anyway, this movie is my pick for Tuesday Couch Potatoes, here’s the synopsis of the movie.

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  1. Rossel says:

    dalawa kayong may entry nito. but i must agree that this is one of the greatest romantic films i have seen. nice pick!

    my entry is here…

  2. LIMBERELLA says:

    the story is great in itself. the love they shared is beyond compare..=)

  3. AnLiz says:

    Ay, napanood ko talaga tong movie na to as in wala akong pinalagpas na eksena, I forgot about this kaya hindi ito ang aking entry..

  4. simply kim says:

    i've seen this one and i do agree it's one great film. but for some reasons, i felt sad when i watched it, lol!

  5. anne says:

    Thanks Rossel, na curious lang din kasi ako dito sa sakit niya eh hehehe

  6. anne says:

    @ Limberella, I agree girl

  7. anne says:

    @ anliz, at eto ang unat unang sumagi sa isip ko lol

  8. anne says:

    @ simply kim yeah you are right girl, the ending is so touchy, I've had a bucket of tears of it.

  9. Apostolic Lighthouse says:

    I believe, this is a great movie..

  10. anne says:

    Thanks apostolic

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