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Robie- The Filipino Angel

I and my eldest daughter tried to figure out of recognizing specific words for character’s feeling in her English subject one day. It was then that I found out a very nice story of an angel, who wanted to experience snow as he had never experience it before when he was still alive. And so the heaven granted his wish to go back to earth specifically to the place where there is snow! Although, he had task to do something in the earth, he is still overjoy because he can finally be at the country where he could play in snow.
Robie the Filipino Angel

Please note that the photo is not mine

Once upon a time, all the child angels in heaven were very happy. Their singing, playing and laughing seemed endless. Music could be heard from their guitars, flutes and violins. It was indeed a time for merry-making.
But Robie a Filipino angel, isolated himself from the other angels. He was in deep reverie. Then Stephen, the American angel, noticed him.
“You seem to be lonely, Robie. Why? Is there something bothering you?” Stephen asked.
“Nothing,” Robie replied. “I just wish that I would play with the snow. I am sad. I passed away too early.”
“Is that what you think?” Stephen asked.
“Yes, Had I not died early, I would have gone to places where there is snow!” Robie answered.
“From what country are you?” Stephen inquired.
“I am from the Philippines. When I was there, I did not experience playing with snow. We had the dry and the rainy season only.” Robie said.
“In America, we have snow during winter,” Stephen said. Robie looked down the earth from heaven. “I wish I could descent there!” He pointed his finger to a place. “I can see many children having lots of fun playing with snow.”
The queen of angels heard what Robie said. “Your wish will be granted, Robie. You will go down there in Australia. You have a mission to accomplish.
“Oh thank you very much, queen of angels!” Robie exclaimed. “I will do what is asked of me. May I know what my mission is?”
And Robie was to descend to earth immediately.
“Have a good time! The queen of angels said.
“Yahoo!” Robie shouted as he was riding on a toboggan. Swiftly, the toboggan brought him down to Australia. Robie, clothed in wool from head to feet, stood in front of a house. Seeing the snow around, he thought, “I will enjoy my stay here!” Then he knocked at the door.
The governess of the house opened the door.
“Let him in,” Grandma Ela said. She was the owner of the house.
Robie introduced himself to Grandma Ela.
“If you are really an angel, tell God I do not want to stay anyone in this snow country. I feel pain in my legs caused by rheumatism. It is getting worse every day,” Grandma Ela said.
“We have opposite wishes,” Robie thought. “Grandma, today is Sunday. Let us go to church and hear mass.
Grandma Ela never went to church before. People who saw her there were surprised. She prayed solemnly.
Robie said his prayer, too: “Lord Jesus, I know that anywhere, there are querulous people like Grandma Ela and I. Forgive us, Lord. I wish Grandma Ela will go to heaven, Amen.
On the days that followed, Robie enjoyed playing in the hills covered with thick snow. He ran, jumped and threw ball of snow onto other children. But Grandma Ela’s sickness became worse each day. She had to stay in bed.
The day came when Robie was up in his toboggan again. He was to ascend to heaven again. Grandma Ela was with him.
“Robie, I feel the lightness in my soul. I feel easy.”
“It is because you have given your riches to the needy. You have turned to GOD and now we are going to heaven.
I hope you like the story. Have a nice Sunday everyone!
Took the story from English Grade 4 work text.

My Eldest is Not Feeling Well

Next to Faith, now Mj is sick. Her nose was congested since yesterday; she had to get up from the pool because her ear was hurting her already. I found her sitting down in the cottage, playing her Nintendo when I went back from paying my insurance at the government agency. She slowly getting a cough also so I and my husband agreed to let her have rest from training. Although today she insisted on attending the KUMON in the morning and since I think she can still carry herself, we both went to her advance tutorial. She was alright until when we went home, she feels like dizzy and wanted to rest immediately. She had a fever awhile ago but she’s alright now, her fever subsided right after, she took a Paracetamol.

Food Trip Friday # 14 : Seafoods

Seafood’s is one of my favorite, whenever I go to a restaurant I always look for seafood especially if I am starving. And since it is soup it is become the favorite of my youngest daughter as well.
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Looks Comfy

Whenever I have to take the kids to the doctor or I visit a friend in the hospital, I notice the clothes the doctors and nurses are wearing. What are these “uniforms” called? Most often they are called scrubs. It seems to me that medical clothing is loose and comfortable, almost like pajamas. I wonder if I could wear discount medical scrubs as pajamas. Hahahaha would people think I am a nurse or a doctor? What do you think?
I also noticed that there are many different patterns and colors. Do you remember the days when you would see a nurse’s uniform as a white dress with a funny looking nurse’s cap on top? It did not look very practical. Hence discount uniform scrubs appear to be very functional and easy to care for. No longer are nurses and doctors stuck in white but they can wear almost any color they want.
From modern doctor’s uniforms, to nurse’s scrubs, to lab coats for doctors, the styles have certainly changed. No more solid white, but a wide variety are available to those in the medical profession. The next time you go to the hospital or the doctor’s office, take a look at what the staff is wearing. It looks comfy.