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Food Trip Friday # 11 : Foods From New Year 2009

My apology if I posted this Meme again so late, this week is really hectic. How I wish I could stop the time but life has to go on right?
Anyway, here’s my entry for this week Meme, our foods from New Year 2009. I wonder what foods to put in the table this coming New Year as I don’t live with my sister anymore. Good luck to me and the kids, we might face the season with an empty stomach. LOL

Thank you cards

When we were still planning for our engagement party, three years ago, my husband who was my fiancée before suggested of giving out a thank you card after the party. Right before the party started, we were so busy writing our own thank you message. We also added a quote about Love and Friendship. The guests who attended the party were so delighted to receive that personalized card.

During our youngest baptismal, we supposed to send out baby thank you cards for all the guests but due to being so busy, plus my husband flight was postponed. I totally forgot to buy thank you cards, it slipped away in my mind and I just remembered it on the day of her baptismal. Right after the party was ended, we just made a short speech for the visitors who attended that event. We thank them for joining us to celebrate and welcoming Faith in the Christian world.